Hermetic Implantable Packaging and Connectors for Medical Components

PacAero works with leading medical implant designers to advance integration and performance for hermetic implantable packaging and connectors in one of the most unique and critical environments known: the human body.

PacAero has created proprietary materials and encapsulations with hermetic seals that enable implantable medical devices to bypass the human body’s natural defenses and perform with greater reliability.

Precision Machining of Implantable Devices

PacAero unique precision machining techniques for materials and components are used to create implantable packaging and connectors for applications such as: cochlear implants, pacemakers, and other cardiac-function implants.

Medical Implantable Packaging — Devices implanted in the human body are at the leading edge of medical science. Advancing that technology requires overcoming several complex challenges. For example, medical implants must be as small as possible yet still large enough to contain the electronic components responsible for the device's functionality. Reliability and implantable viability are also critical - materials much be such that the body does not reject a newly implanted device. The device must also work without interruption throughout its life. PacAero has deep expertise in manufacturing custom titanium and zirconia implantable hermetic packages for a wide variety of applications, even those that must send and/or receive signals once implanted

Our zirconia packages are ideal in instances where external communication with the implant is critical. PacAero unique brazing technologies allows materials like titanium and zirconia to be hermetically joined for applications that require an RF transparent package complete with hermetic interconnects.

Implantable Viability — PacAero packaging designs address potential rejection issues by using materials with a proven track record of implantable viability. PacAero ceramic sealing materials are field proven in cochlear implants, cardiac devices, neural stimulators and other devices.


Smaller Size — PacAero has developed a ceramic-to-metal joining technology to make components smaller without compromising performance. Tight pin pitches mean smaller interconnects and our precision machining capabilities allow us to manufacture very small titanium or zirconia packages to precise tolerances. 

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