Hermetic Implantable Connectors

The human body is one of the most unique and demanding environments anywhere. PA&E makes it possible for medical developers to deliver new, life-saving devices by producing hermetic implantable connectors that are smaller, stronger, and more reliable. 

PA&E is an industry leader in
 overcoming some of the unique engineering challenges faced by medical implant designers. PA&E has developed a ceramic-to-metal joining technology that allows medical components to be smaller, without compromising performance. PA&E’s RF transparent ceramic technology enables doctors to communicate with a device after it's been implanted into a patient.

By enabling the development of smaller components and strengthening advancements, PA&E helps medical component manufacturers increased the durability of implantable devices. 

PA&E’s track record of implantable viability also helps manufacturers overcome rejection issues. 

We manufacture custom feedthrus for a variety of applications, but we also produce 'standard' implantable feedthrus that don’t require NRE and long lead times. PA&E’s medical components are used in implantable applications such as cochlear implants, neuro-stimulators, and cardiac-function devices.

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