PacAero Innovations

What Makes PacAero Unique?

Kryoflex® Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing

Kryoflex Polycrystalline Ceramic is a proprietary, patented substance developed by PacAero as a direct replacement for conventional compression glass and metallized alumina ceramics.

Bi-Metallic Transitions

High-strength bi-metallic transitions reduce the need for mechanical joints without galvanic corrosion issues. Explosive metal welding allows PacAero to join otherwise unwieldable metals with a permeant hermetic bond. Common combinations are SS/Al and SS/Ti, but materials are available in several different metal combinations.

Titanium Composite Packaging

PacAero uses titanium as a primary housing material and integrates composite materials into strategic locations of the structure, for excellent heat dissipation. The combination of titanium and composite materials is ideal for achieving lightweight, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and high thermal conductivity in electronic packages.

RF Transparent Implantable Packaging

PacAero brazing capabilities allow the company to hermetically join titanium and zirconia. Titanium hosts the hermetic interconnect while the zirconia body allows devices to transmit and receive signals while it is implanted in the body.

Ceramic Sealed Hermetic Windows

PacAero ceramic sealing technology allows us to hermetically seal a variety of glasses into titanium window frames, that can then be transitioned to stainless steel, aluminum or titanium with our explosive metal welding technology.