Explosive Metal Cladding

Design engineers are often faced with the dilemma of material selection, and frequently, they find that a combination of materials provides the optimal properties required by the design. Explosive Metal Cladding, or welding from PacAero can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other design elements. It allows the use of two different, normally unwedable metals, in a single work piece.

Why Explosively Bonded Metals?

Material A exhibits good corrosive resistance, electrical conductivity, or thermal conductivity, Material B has better strength, hardness, weldability, or wear resistance.  required by the final design. Explosive Metal Cladding from PacAero allows engineers to combine Material A and Material B using each where it serves best.

Explosive Metal cladding from PacAero  has helped customers to achieve the “impossible” for more than 40 years with its innovative metal-to-ceramic, metal-to-composite, and explosively bonded metals solutions. 

Explosively Clad Metal from PacAero offer unique performance characteristics for a range of defense, space, medical, and commercial applications. 

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