Aerospace & Defense

Leading aerospace manufacturers count on PacAero to provide hermetic packaging and connector solutions that perform flawlessly in the most extreme environments.

Hermetic packaging and connectors from PacAero ensure the utmost reliability for satellites, self-guided missiles with infrared seeker systems, state-of-the-art combat aircraft and sophisticated laser-guided systems. 

Weight, thermal management, hermetic seals, and other key performance characteristics are constant issues. PacAero is advancing technology for mil-aero applications in the following areas.

Weight Reduction — Fusing lightweight aluminum and titanium with an explosive-bonding transition allows PacAero to integrate more robust and reliable feedthrus and connectors into a lighter-weight package.

Maximizing Thermal Conductivity — PacAero uses high-efficiency thermal transfer technology in its integrated electronic packaging. PacAero titanium composite housings are an example of an application that uses this technique.

Hermetic Seals — Kryoflex,® PacAero proprietary polycrystalline ceramic sealing technology, is used to produce extremely rugged and reliable hermetically-sealed feedthrus, connectors, and integrated electronic packages.

Precision Laser Welding — PacAero laser welds feedthrus and connectors into integrated packages. This process helps deliver higher integrity, reliability, and rework-ability, when compared to conventionally soldered packages.