Hermetic Electronic Packaging

PacAero specializes in the design, precision machining and connector integration for ultra-rugged, light-weight hermetic integrated electronic packaging for use in extreme environments.

Precision Machining of Hermetic Integrated Electronic Packaging

Using technologies such as Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic and explosively bonded
 metals, PacAero designs and manufactures integrated hermetic electronic packaging for extreme environments. From deep space to deep below the earth’s surface, integrated electronic packaging from PacAero delivers high levels of reliability and electrical performance under the harshest conditions. 

By pairing Kryoflex with precision laser welding (rather than solder) electronic packages from PacAero won’t be impacted by the two most common causes of hermetic package failure: solder joint fatigue and cracked glass. 

PacAero produces titanium composite packaging for markets such as the military, aerospace industries that need heat conductive designs. The company also manufactures implantable packaging for a range of medical devices using materials with a proven history of implantable viability.