Aluminum and Titanium Hermetic Electronic Packaging

From lightweight aluminum and titanium to robust Kovar, PA&E designs and manufactures hermetic electronic packages from the material best suited to meet your application's requirements.

Aluminum Hermetic Electronic Packages

Aluminum is a lightweight material with high thermal conductivity. PA&E uses precision CNC machining techniques to form aluminum hermetic electronic packages. These packages are typically designed for laser weld connector integration. These housings can then be integrated with PA&E’s DC connectors, RF connectors, and windows PA&E’s aluminum packaging is hermetic through harsh thermal cycling and laser welded connectors are e-workable - they can be easily removed from a populated package without endangering any of the internal electronics..

Titanium Electronic Packaging

Like aluminum, titanium is a lightweight material that PA&E puts through a precision CNC machining process. These too are primarily built to accommodate laser welded connectors. Titanium packages are often selected over aluminum alternatives because that material delivers lower CTE. PA&E’s machined titanium housings can also be integrated with PA&E’s DC connectors, RF connectors, and windows. 

PA&E’s Kovar hermetic electronic packages have a low CTE, low thermal conductivity and direct sealing capabilities. These precision machined housings can be integrated with PA&E’s DC connectors and RF connectors. While Kovar packaging is well suited for some applications, it is a relatively heavy material, it is not laser weldable (therefore subject to solder joint fatigue) and it can be challenging to rework.

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