Data Sheets

  • Integrated Packaging

    Integrated Packaging

    See how PA&E;’s integrated packaging solutions using laser welding can eliminate solder joint fatigue… forever! Read more
  • Composite packaging

    Composite packaging

    An overview of PA&E;’s titanium composite hermetic electronic packaging solution with integrated DC and RF connectors. These titanium packages feature CuMo heat sinks for applications where efficient ...

    Read more
  • Implantable Packaging

    Implantable Packaging

    See how PA&E’s engineering and manufacturing techniques enable implantable medical components device manufacturers to deliver ever-smaller high-reliability devices. Read more
  • Rectangular Connectors

    Rectangular Connectors

    Get detailed information about PA&E’s Micro-D, Junior-D and Sub-D DC connectors. Read more
  • RF/Microwave


    Designed for military and commercial use, these hermetic 50 ohm RF/Microwave connectors deliver excellent electrical and environmental performance. Read more
  • Dewars


    Qnnect provides cooled infrared camera manufacturers with a one-stop option for complete, custom, integrated dewar assemblies. Read more
  • Circular


    PA&E, A Qnnect company, combines ceramic-to-metal sealing technology with light-weight materials to create reliable hermetic Read more
  • Implantable


    PA&E, a Qnnect company, provides ceramic sealing technology that is an extremely effective solution for producing implantable headers that must fit inside very small spaces. Read more
  • Windows


    PA&E manufactures custom hermetic optical and wave-guide windows for commercial, medical and defense industry hermetic applications. Read more
  • HP/HT


    Get detailed information about PA&E’s high pressure/high temperature connectors with unique ceramic-to-metal seals. Read more
  • Kryoflex


    Get detailed information about PA&E’s Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic used for ceramic-to-metal seals. Read more
  • Bonded Metals

    Bonded Metals

    Using technologies such as Kryoflex® and explosively bonded metals Read more
  • Machining Capabilities

    Machining Capabilities

    A comprehensive list of PA&E;’s precision machining capabilities. Read more
  • Processing Capabilities

    Processing Capabilities

    An overview of PA&E;'s processing capabilities used in the manufacture of its custom hermetic electronic packages, hermetic DC and RF/microwave connectors. Read more