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Application Note: Packaging the Smarts for Smart Munitions

Application: Airborne Weapon Systems

“Smart” munitions rely on increasingly sophisticated microwave communication systems to improve targeting accuracy and quickly react to changing conditions on the battlefield. These mission critical electronics are protected by housings that must deliver high hermetic performance while supporting growing electrical and signal needs.


  • Small size and light weight
  • 1x10-9 hermetic performance
  • Tight machining tolerances 
  • High current requirements
  • RF SMA interface support

The Solution:

A lightweight compact aluminum microwave package, precisely machined to accommodate several complex features. It includes four hermetic SMA connectors and a custom, 30-pin DC connector - all laser welded into the housing. Kryoflex seals the DC connector’s BeCu pins and both connector types use explosively welded stainless steel and aluminum. 

The unique technologies, processes and expertise at PacAero were combined to bring this custom hermetic package design to life. How can we help you?

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