Hermetic RF/Microwave Connectors

More and more applications are requiring components that perform flawlessly and retain their original properties at microwave frequencies well into the GHz range. PA&E’s 50 Ohm hermetic RF/microwave connectors are designed for use in military and commercial applications where environmental conditions require an extremely rugged and reliable hermetic seal. Low-loss Corning 7070 glass is used for dependable electrical performance.

PA&E manufactures these RF/microwave hermetic connectors from a variety of compatible shell and contact materials, in both laser-weld and solder-in styles, which provide excellent electrical and environmental performance characteristics.

For help in choosing suitable RF/microwave connectors for your application, refer to PA&E’s RF/microwave product family data sheet which outlines the physical and electrical characteristics of PA&E’s RF/microwave connector products. For specific product information, please click on the appropriate link below.

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RF/Microwave Connector Types