Cooled Dewars for IR Cameras

Turn-Key Dewar Assemblies for Cooled IR Camera Applications

PA&E provides cooled infrared camera manufacturers with a one-stop option for complete, custom, integrated dewar assemblies. The company’s precision, tight tolerance machining capabilities allow it to fabricate complete cooled dewars that include all key components.

  • Dewar Bodies
  • Tower/Expanders
  • FPA Pedestals
  • Cold Finger Assemblies
  • Hermetic Feedthrus
  • Window Mounts/Shrouds
  • Pinch-Off Tubes

Precision Machining

PA&E's highly experienced CNC machinists use state-of-the art multi-axis mills, mill-turn and honing equipment to bring custom dewar concepts to life while meeting the tightest tolerances in Kovar, stainless steel and titanium.

Laser Weld Construction

Dewar components are integrated via laser welding, which produces rugged, narrow, deep welds. PA&E also provides brazing and soldering services for designs that require that capability.

Interconnect Options

PA&E's dewar assemblies can be configured with a variety of connector options, from custom feed thru configurations to Micro-D and Nano-D connectors with MIL-Spec interfaces. Connectors are built in house and can be manufactured with high conductivity beryllium-copper pins and an extremely rugged hermetic ceramic-to-metal hermetic seal. The typical leak rate for these hermetic connectors is 1x10-9 He@1ATM.

PA&E also provides an interconnect option that uses a high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) circuit board rather than a typical pin-style connector between the atmospheric and hermetic sides. The HTCC is integrated into the dewar body with a specialized brazing process, delivering the same hermetic reliability as traditional connector formats, while providing higher density and an optimized wire-bond surface.

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