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Capabilities List
A list of SOURIAU PA&E's manufacturing capabilities.


Machining Capabilities
A comprehensive list of SOURIAU PA&E's precision machining capabilities.

Machining Capabilities


Integrated Packaging Data Sheet
See how SOURIAU PA&E's integrated packaging solutions using laser welding can eliminate solder joint fatigue... forever!

Integrated Packaging Data Sheet

Aluminum Integrated Packaging Data Sheet
An overview of SOURIAU PA&E's aluminum packaging solution with integrated connectors.

Aluminum Electronic Packaging

Titanium Integrated Packaging Data Sheet
An overview of SOURIAU PA&E's titanium electronic packaging solution with with integrated connectors.

Titanium Integrated Packaging

Titanium Composite Packaging Data Sheet
Find out about the lightweight, low expansion and highly thermal conductive packaging provided by SOURIAU PA&E's using titanium as the primary housing material.

Titanium Composite Packaging

Standerd Implantable Feed-Thru and Endoscope Window Catalog
Technical details on SOURIAU PA&E's standard implantable electrical feed-thrus and endoscope windows

Standard Feed-Thru and Endoscope Window Catalog

Medical Implantable Packaging Data Sheet
An overview of how SOURIAU PA&E is helping medical developers by producing medical implant components that are smaller, stronger, and more reliable.

Medical Implantable Packaging Data Sheet

Medical Implantable Composite Packaging
Learn more about SOURIAU PA&E's unique capabilities related to the development and manufacture of RF transparent implantable composite electronic packaging.

Implantable Composite Packaging

Medical Implantable Integrated Packaging
See an example of how SOURIAU PA&E's engineering and manufacturing expertise is allowing device manufactures to create smaller medical components devices without compromising performance.

Implantable Integrated Packaging


Rectangular DC Connectors Data Sheet
Get detailed information about SOURIAU PA&E's Micro-D, Junior-D and Sub-D DC connectors.

Rectangular DC Connectors Data Sheet

Aluminum Micro-D Connectors
SOURIAU PA&E's hermetic aluminum direct-seal Micro-D is 67% lighter than stainless steel alternatives.

Aluminum Micro-D Connectors Data Sheet

38999 Mateable Connectors
Get detailed information about SOURIAU PA&E's 38999 mateable lightweight aluminum hermetic connectors with ceramic-to-metal seals. Note: SOURIAU PA&E 38999 mateable connectors are not QPL (Qualified Parts List).

38999 Mateable Connector


RF/Microwave Connectors
Designed for military and commercial use, these hermetic 50 ohm RF/Microwave connectors deliver excellent electrical and environmental performance.

RF/Microwave Connectors

Hermetic Windows
SOURIAU PA&E manufactures custom hermetic optical and waveguide windows that are used in a variety of applications in commercial, medical and defense industries .

Hermetic Windows

Endoscope Windows
SOURIAU PA&E manufactures custom optical windows using a unique sealing process that provides a reliable hermetic seal even after 1000+ autoclave cycles.

Endoscope Windows

Medical Implantable Filtered Feedthrus
Learn more about how SOURIAU PA&E combines its EMI filters and interconnect technologies into a unique solution for implantable medical device manufactures.

Implantable Filtered Feedthrus

Medical Implantable Multi-Pin Header
See an example of how SOURIAU PA&E's ceramic-to-metal sealing technology makes it the solution of choice when an implantable application requires a high pin count.

Implantable Multi-Pin

Medical Implantable Miniture Header
See an example of how SOURIAU PA&E's engineering and manufacturing techniques enable implantable medical components device manufacturers to deliver ever-smaller devices.

Implantable Miniature

High Pressure/High Temperature Connector
Get detailed information about SOURIAU PA&E's high pressure/high temperature connectors with ceramic-to-metal seals.

High Pressure/High Temperature Connector

Kryoflex Polycrystalline Ceramic
Get detailed information about SOURIAU PA&E's Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic used for ceramic-to-metal seals.

Kryoflex Polycrystalline Ceramic


EMI Filters Catalog
For comprehensive ordering information, download the EMI Filter Design Catalog. (Note: this a large download.)

EMI Filters Catalog

(9 MB)

Ceramic EMI Filters Data Sheet
Find the right advanced filtering solution to help you suppress and eliminate EMI.

Ceramic EMI Filters Data Sheet


Bonded Metals Data Sheet
Read about SOURIAU PA&E's innovative explosive bonding technology and other material bonding applications.

Bonded Metals Data Sheet

Maritime Industrial Products Catalog
Get details and order information for explosivewelding transition materials that provide weldable transitions to eliminate galvanic corrosion for the shipbuilding industry.

Maritime Industrial Products Catalog

Bi-Metallic Transitions Products
Get spec information for bi-metallic transition products.

Bonded Bi-Metallic Transitions Products

Explosive Welding
Get an overview of the explosive welding process, process control, and inter-layers.

Bonded Explosive Welding

Bonded Metals and Galvanic Corrosion
Get application information and details about how bi-metallic transitions prevent galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals and application information.

Bonded Galvanic Corrosion

Maritime Products
Spec. information for maritime products manufactured from explosive bonding dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Bonded Maritime Products

Bonded Metal Combinations
Chart that details explosive welding metal combinations in terms of compatibility and inter-layer requirements.

Bonded Metal Combinations

Shipboard Products
Get spec. information for bonded shipboard products.

Bonded Shipboard Products


What You Can Do With Explosive Welding

White Paper

Ceramic EMI Filters - A Review
An in-depth review of EMI Filter Design by Ivan G. Sarda and William H. Payne. Reprinted from the CERAMIC BULLETIN, VOL. 67, NO. 4

White Paper


SOURIAU PA&E Technical Overview: Markets, Products & Capabilities