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SOURIAU PA&E's advanced ceramic filtering devices eliminate electromagnetic interference(EMI) for circuits contained in the electronic packaging of telecommunication applications.

EMI Filtering Solutions for Hermetic Electronic Packaging

Ceramic EMI Filters

SOURIAU PA&E's EMI filtering solutions set new technical standards. For example, SOURIAU PA&E builds the smallest multi-layer discoidal capacitor in the world, measuring just 1/20th of an inch in diameter.

SOURIAU PA&E uses multi-layer ceramic discoidal capacitors and ferrite inductors to produce "pure-signal" EMI filters for electronic circuits operating in extreme and critical environments such as space and the human body. Typical applications include communications satellites, flight hardware, and implantable medical devices.

SOURIAU PA&E specializes in ruggedized and completely encapsulated filters for use in electronic packaging, including microwave high-frequency packages, laser-diode miniature packages, mini filters, filter pins, broadband filters, capacitor arrays, and custom filter assemblies.

For help in choosing a suitable EMI filter for your application, refer to SOURIAU PA&E's EMI Filters Design Guide, which outlines the physical and electrical characteristics of our EMI filter products. For specific product information on EMI filters, please click on the appropriate link below.

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