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Design engineers are often faced with the dilemma of material selection, and frequently, they find that a combination of materials provides the optimal properties required by the design. SOURIAU PA&E's explosive bonding process can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other design elements.

Explosive Bonding of Materials

Explosive Bonding & Explosive Forming of Materials

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Bonded Metals

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Bonded Metal Combinations

Explosive Bonding Capabilities
Explosive Metal Forming Capabilities

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Materials can often exhibit good corrosive resistance, electrical conductivity, or thermal conductivity, yet be lacking in the strength, hardness, weld-ability, or wear resistance required by the final design.

SOURIAU PA&E has helped customers to achieve the "impossible" for more than 30 years with its innovative metal-to-ceramic, metal-to-composite, and metal-to-metal bonding solutions. SOURIAU PA&E's numerous "explosive" technologies such as Explosive Bonding can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other critical elements of the design.

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Design engineers who apply the principles of explosive bonding metal applications hold a distinct advantage over those who don't. These composite materials offer unique performance characteristics for a range of defense, space, medical, and commercial applications. For example, our proprietary metal-to-ceramic joining technology is used to make Implantable Medical Components that enhance the performance of neurostimulators and other cardiac-function devices.

Pacific Marine & Industrial is an authorized distributor of SOURIAU PA&E bonded metal products.