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Hermetic Connectors For The Space Industry

Explosive Bonding Solutions for the Space Industry

SOURIAU PA&E is a trusted solution provider for space applications in which weight, thermal management, and hermetic sealing are ongoing technical challenges. Our hermetic connectors, EMI filters, and turnkey micro-electronic packages are at work deep in space - on communication satellites, in the Space Shuttle, and on the International Space Station.

Hermetic Connectors and Micro-Electronic Packages

In these forbidding environments, failure is not an option. Following are ways SOURIAU PA&E is advancing technology for space applications.

Weight Reduction — Fusing lightweight aluminum and titanium with an explosive-bonding transition allows us to integrate more robust and reliable feedthrus and connectors into a lighter weight package.

Maximizing Thermal Conductivity — We use high-efficiency thermal transfer technology in our integrated packaging. One example of this is our titanium composite housings.

Hermetic Sealing Systems — Kryoflex®, a proprietary polycrystalline ceramic sealing technology, is used to produce extremely rugged and reliable hermetic connectors, feedthrus, and integrated electronic packaging.

Precision Laser Welding — We laser weld our feedthrus and connectors into integrated packages for higher integrity, reliability, and rework-ability than conventional soldered electronic packaging.