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Medical Components
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SOURIAU PA&E medical components have been sold predominantly in the U.S. with some recent sales in Europe.

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Hermetic Seals for Medical Components

SOURIAU PA&E works with leading medical implant designers to advance integration and performance in one of the most unique and critical environments known: the human body. SOURIAU PA&E has created proprietary materials and encapsulations with hermetic seals that enable implantable medical devices to bypass the human body's natural defenses and perform with greater reliability.

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Precision Machining of Implantable Devices

SOURIAU PA&E's unique precision machining techniques for materials and components are used to create medical components such as: cochlear implants, pacemakers, and other cardiac-function implants. Here's what SOURIAU PA&E can offer to medical implant designers:

Medical Implantable Packaging — Devices implanted in the human body are at the leading edge of medical science. Advancing that technology and making more implantable medical components and devices possible requires overcoming several complex challenges. For example, medical implants must be as small as possible. However, the performance of new devices is often constrained by material selection and thickness. External communication with the implant is critical. Current communication technology relies on case material and size. Reliability and implantable viability are always issues because it is important that the body does not reject a newly-implanted device.

Implantable Viability — SOURIAU PA&E's packaging designs address potential rejection issues by using materials with a proven track record of implantable viability. For example, SOURIAU PA&E utilizes advanced ceramic materials in a housing that enables a cochlear implant to reside safely within the human body.

Smaller Size — SOURIAU PA&E has developed a ceramic-to-metal joining technology to make components smaller without compromising performance. SOURIAU PA&E's RF transplant ceramic enables device manufacturers to communicate to devices from outside the body. Using smaller medical components and strengthening advancements, SOURIAU PA&E has made implantable medical devices more durable.