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EMI Filters for Commercial Applications

SOURIAU PA&E has extensive experience and capabilities in a wide range of commercial applications, including energy, aviation, and telecommunications. We produce extremely rugged and reliable hermetic connectors, housings, and turnkey micro-electronic packages for global commercial markets.

Hermetic Connectors and EMI Filters for Commercial Applications

Here are a few ways SOURIAU PA&E technologies are playing a key role in commercial applications.

Telecommunications — SOURIAU PA&E enhances transmission quality with selective, narrowband electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression-filtering techniques. SOURIAU PA&E designs rugged and reliable EMI filters and components to perform effectively, even in the most demanding applications and in the most extreme environments. SOURIAU PA&E has developed a micro-discoidal series of ceramic capacitors so customers can miniaturize electronic systems and reduce electronic packaging size without affecting filter performance.

Energy — Using its Kryoflex® ceramic-to-metal hermetic sealing system, SOURIAU PA&E can provide a more robust seal that is resistant to the temperature variations common in fuel cells. SOURIAU PA&E's proprietary diffusion-brazing process facilitates reformer seals of greater integrity in high production volumes. And, SOURIAU PA&E's proprietary diffusion bonding processes are compatible with volume production to produce high manufacturing yields.

Aviation — As a supplier of close-tolerance aerospace hardware, SOURIAU PA&E manufactures aircraft parts ranging from five-inch-long stringer clips to complex window frames and other structural components. In fact, SOURIAU PA&E has built thousands of different parts for Boeing commercial aircraft alone.