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SOURIAU PA&E utilizes the latest state-of-the-art Lasag laser welding systems to permanently join materials using the radiation from a focused, energy-dense, beam of infrared light. This non-contact laser welding process minimizes thermal and mechanical stresses, and provides an extremely small heat-affected zone, ensuring components or electronic packaging are exposed to the least-hostile welding environment possible.

Laser Welding Hermetic Seals

Laser Welding for Connectors/Electronic Packaging

Laser Welding Workcenter

SOURIAU PA&E's laser welding systems are completely computer controlled including all laser parameters and motion systems axes. This, in combination with an extensive document control system, assures you consistency and repeatability from the first component today through the last component years down the road.

SOURIAU PA&E's experienced engineers are consistently developing the latest material combinations to offer customers all the advantages of laser welding a connector or electronic packaging design. Further, SOURIAU PA&E also provides welds that produce hermetic seals as small as .009" nominal spot size for your micro requirements or up to .047" nominal for the largest requirements designers may have.

Benefits of Laser Welding

  • Non-Contact Laser Welding Process
  • Extremely Small Heat Affected Zone
  • Precision Controlled
  • High Throughput