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PA&E Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C

SOURIAU PA&E's U.S. facilities operate under a comprehensive Quality Management System and are registered to:

  • ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C

SOURIAU PA&E Quality Assurance Processes:

  • Capability Studies
    Methods designed to judge whether a process is capable or not, this step often plays an important part in designing efficient production strategies.
  • CMM Automated Inspection
    Products are dimensionally inspected during, and after, the production process using automated optical- and touch-probe coordinate measuring machines. This inspection process is one step to help ensure that goods conform to customer requirements.
  • CMM Visual Inspection
    Optical coordinate measuring machines are used at high magnification to perform visual inspections in conjunction with the dimensional inspection process. This process allows SOURIAU PA&E inspectors to detect discrepancies that may otherwise be undetected without magnification.
  • First Article Inspection
    First article inspections are conducted in accordance with AS9102 for the initial run for all parts and revision changes. This step is designed to check all dimensions, as well as material and processes, for conformance to customer specifications.
  • In-Process Inspection
    This procedure, which occurs during the production process, helps ensure that customers only receive conforming goods. If a good is non-conforming, production will stop responsible process stage and components will not be further processed until issues have been resolved.
  • Lot Inspection
    Product lots are sampled during the production process to further determine if specifications are being met. An inspection lot consists of product produced under similar conditions, using similar materials, personnel, and methods. An inspection lot can be the entire production lot, or only part of the production lot.
  • Statistical Process Control [SPC]
    The primary analysis tool for quality improvement, SPC analyzes variations in whatever process is being measured and can help in understanding and reducing process variations.