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SOURIAU PA&E, Inc. is an integrated manufacturing company, specializing in technically demanding ceramic and metal components and assemblies, hermetic connectors and advanced micro-electronic hermetic packaging for global leaders in the defense, space, medical and commercial industries.




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Composite titanium packaging Datasheet

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Hermetic Packaging and DC Connectors Specialist

Hermetic Connectors and Electronic Packaging

SOURIAU PA&E utilizes specialized precision machining techniques, advanced materials science, process engineering and proprietary technologies and processes to produce some of the most reliable and high performance products, including:

  • Integrated Electronic Packaging - Ultra-rugged and reliable seals that effectively eliminate solder joint fatigue and cracked glassHermetic Connector CAD Models & Drawings Link
  • Hermetic Connectors - Rectangular DC Connectors,  Circular DC Connectors, RF/Microwave Connectors, High Pressure Connectors, Medical Components, Hermetic Windows
  • EMI Filters - Micro/Mini, Eyelet, Filter Pins, Bolt, Broadband, Discoidal Ceramic Capacitors and Custom Caparrays, Custom Filter Assemblies
  • Bonded Metals - Explosive Bonding, Explosive Forming, and Explosive Hardening
  • Laser Welding - State of the art computer controlled, true non-contact Lasag Laser Welding technology

Comprehensive Process Capabilities

  • Precision Machining - State of the art manufacturing facility featuring 3 and 4 axis machines
  • Hermetic Sealing - Glass-to-metals seals and ceramic-to-metal seals
  • Vacuum Brazing - Metal-to-ceramic bonding, metal-to-composite bonding and metal-to-metal bonding
  • Surface Finishing - Full range of capabilities including, chromate conversion, painting, and more

We offer a complete solution to many of our customers and are often the sole source supplier for many of the components. Our comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities, combined with our experienced staff of engineers, scientists and technicians, allow us to provide you with any or all of the products and services you require.

Featured Process Capability


SOURIAU PA&E has added new x-ray capabilities following its acquisition of a new Feinfocus FXC-160.30 “Cougar” system with FGUI (Feinfocus Graphic User Interface). It will allow SOURIAU PA&E to produce quicker detailed analysis of in process production work and provide a means to more fully analyze any component failures that may require detailed analysis. The new x-ray system will also allow SOURIAU PA&E to send digital images or videos of the associated X-ray image and enhance the images with the FGUI software.

x-ray machine



Hermetic 38999 Style Connectors With Integrated EMI Filters

SOURIAU PA&E's New Mini Micro-D Connector.

New Testing Standards for Space Qualified EMI Filters.

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